Meet your feelings!

Spiffy Kids are the crazy, fun-loving characters that stay by your side every moment of your day – they’re those wonderful things we call feelings. So whether it’s Mad, Happy, Sad, Shy, Worry, or any of the many other Spiffy Kids, at least one is always with you—even right now!

The Spiffy Kids give children ways of dealing with their feelings and lets them know they are not alone. Everyone struggles with being mad, having worry, and sadness, and everyone has moments of being happy.

The Spiffy Kids were created by a seven year old girl who always stuck to the rule of thumb that her mother had told her, "Never completely lose what it is like to be a child". By using her imagination she came up with a way to express herself, giving with it characters that are always there to help in a fun filled way
. . . And so the Spiffy Kids were born!!